What are the sexual positions that drive women crazy

In the bedroom, both partners must use, above all, their imagination for a successful love match. If you want to know how to drive her crazy in bed, then we invite you to continue reading this article about the most exotic and exciting sexual positions that drive women crazy, guaranteed to give her a big day orgasm.

Doggy style position

The goat position is one of the most commonly practiced sexual positions as it is convenient for both partners. What does it mean? The woman sits on her knees, leaning on her hands or elbows for more comfort. The man will sit on his knees and penetrate her from behind. The goat position is preferred by many couples as the emphasis is on intense clitoral stimulation.

Although the woman does not have as much freedom of movement as the man, the goat is ideal for additional stimulation, such as the back and breasts. Moreover, this sexual position is recommended for people who are prone to premature ejaculation as the man can control the timing of ejaculation quite easily.

Lotus position

Although it is considered a rather awkward sexual position, especially for men because it involves a long flexion of the legs, it is extremely intimate and exciting. For the lotus position, the man will sit in the lotus or Turkish, if he finds it too tiring, while the woman will sit in his lap, with his legs wrapped around his waist. The man can hold his hands on her hips or hold her by the waist.

The lotus position is quite difficult as both partners are forced to sit in unnatural positions, but the result is an intense and long-lasting orgasm. Due to the lack of mobility, additional stimulation becomes impossible.

Anchor position

If you want to give your partner a great orgasm, you can also try the anchor position. Considered one of the most comfortable sexual positions for her, it involves placing the woman on her back, possibly with a pillow under her pelvis. It is preferable for her to sit in a slightly tilted position. The man will kneel in front of her, wrapping his left leg around her, placing her on his shoulder.

The anchor position is particularly pleasant for her because the penetration leads to the total stimulation of the clitoris. Before attempting this position, you should be aware that some discomfort or even pain may occur during intercourse. However, it is recommended for an intense and long-lasting orgasm.