Urinary tract problems but also sexual problems

Frequent urination

If you feel pain during sex and can’t focus on the facts, because you always feel the need to urinate, you may have interstitial cystitis. Also called sore bladder syndrome, it is a chronic condition that puts painful pressure on the bladder.

Sharp pain on the outside

If you feel a sharp pain located on the outside of the vagina, you may need to take a mirror and look at the vagina. This pain can only be caused by skin irritation, a pimple or a hair growing under the skin. Rubbing them during sex can lead to aggravation of irritation and pain.


Your partner has not penetrated you yet, but just touching the vagina causes a horrible stab. This condition is called vulvodynia. The tissues around the entrance to the vagina become much more sensitive. Apart from sex, daughter exercises, wearing tight pants and any extra contact with the outside of the vagina can be very painful.


Your vagina closes painfully during penetration, making sex completely painful – if not impossible. This closure is caused by involuntary spasms of the pelvic floor muscles. This condition is called vaginismus and is often psychological.

Off limits

You can’t have sex or insert anything in your vagina because it hurts so badly. This is because your hymen is completely or partially intact. This means that you are either a virgin or there is a rupture in your vagina, but there is still a membrane inside the vagina that makes penetration painful.

Painful sex for men

Here are the signs to look out for if you have an uncomfortable or painful sensation when having sex or urinating:

Swollen testicles

If you feel pain while urinating, your testicles appear to be swollen and you have unusual discharge, you may have chlamydia, one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases caused by a bacterial infection.

Yellow or green?

When you have swollen balls, pain when urinating and there is a green or yellow discharge from your penis, you may have gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted infection also caused by a bacterium.


Genital blisters accompanied by tingling, itching and burning sensations are caused by the herpex simplex virus. Women are also prone to this virus and these symptoms.

A little wound

If you see or feel a small, firm, painless wound on your penis, anus, or lips, you may have syphilis. Although you will not feel any pain during intercourse, you will need to watch out for such wounds, as you have an increased risk of developing HIV.

If you experience pain in the genital area while having sex, tell your partner or personal physician. You don’t have to feel embarrassed or scared.

The problem here is that if we are talking about a sexually transmitted disease, there is a good chance that you will offer the disease to your partner as well. If it is not a sexually transmitted disease, it could be another serious medical condition. In any case, the sooner you go to a doctor, the sooner you will receive support and treatment.

Pain during sexual intercourse in women (dyspareunia) is a consequence of various physiological, psychological or pathological causes. Even with the discomfort experienced once in the vagina, lower abdomen, or the entire abdominal cavity during intimacy, you should consult a gynecologist. Pain can occur during and after intercourse.

It is necessary to discuss even minor pain during or after sexual intercourse with a doctor, because the cause of the discomfort may be a signal of the presence of pathological processes in the female genitals.
Types of pain during intercourse