The 11 worst bedroom mistakes women make

The 11 worst bedroom mistakes women make

Have you ever killed your mood with awkward or simply boring sex movements? Here’s a guide to avoiding another future of sexual misstep!

It has often been said that men are easily satisfied. In a way, this is true. Activating a guy and bringing him to orgasm is much simpler than doing the same for a woman. But, of course, it is never so simple. Boys have their likes and dislikes and turn on and off, just like women.

Some of these will be turned off immediately for him, while others will wear him out in the long run. And some of them are things to avoid for your own health and safety. What they all have in common is that they will reduce your sex life, for you and for him. Avoid them, and your mutual pleasure will go in places far beyond your wildest dreams!

Big mistakes make women in the bedroom

No sex life can be perfect on the first try. So, before you consider doing any of the following, think about how far these small mistakes will take you away from your ideal sex life.

# 1 Believing he is psychic. All women are different we have seen a lot on filme porno cu pizde tinere, especially when it comes to what they need to reach orgasm. Even if a guy is an experienced boyfriend, he won’t automatically know what you need to get off. I mean, if not, you tell him. It is essential to communicate in the bedroom and when it comes to your pleasure, it is twice as important.

At the very least, your breathing and moaning should point you in the right direction and point you in the right direction. But don’t be afraid to tell him. Just remember, a lot of guys have fragile egos, so don’t make him feel like he did something wrong, tell him how to do it even better.

# 2 Never an initiator. For whatever reason, too many women and also a lot of men, I think it’s just a man’s place to initiate sex. This is outdated to say the least, not to mention boring. If you feel like it, you don’t have to wait for him to make the first move. Most types will be fully activated if a woman throws things away. Make it warmer and surprise him. Get dressed or just undress and then walk on it. Or just undo your jeans and get started.

# 3 Yap-yap-yap. Women who talk in bed are more common than you might think. And no, it’s not dirty talk, it’s ordinary conversation. Ask a guy with some experience under the belt and he will tell you about women who talk about their day, about work and even about some who treat the bed like a psychiatrist’s couch. If you don’t talk about the sex you have, you shouldn’t talk during sex. Period.

# 4 Poor hygiene. Unfortunately, poor hygiene is a mistake that men and women frequently make in the bedroom. Fortunately, it is easy to fix. And no, it’s not just about taking a shower and keeping it clean. However you choose to wear or not to wear your pubic hair, it must be soft. No one wants to rub the skin on their skin.

# 5 Too accepting. You should never do something you are not comfortable with, but too often women do. One of the most common ways to do this is by having unsafe sex at the insistence of a man. You should never have unprotected sex if you are not comfortable. This is all the more so as a guy is trying to persuade you to run away with him without a condom. If she doesn’t want to use a condom with you, she probably hasn’t used one with the last women she slept with. It is your body and your right to insist on safe sex.

# 6 Dead fish. Some women don’t do much during sex. It’s just that there are lies there. There are two reasons why women do this: either they think it’s the right way to have sex, or because of their past experience or cultural norms, or because they don’t have sex. If your problem is second, take it slow, try a few different positions and movements, and if all else fails, consult a professional.

If you fall into the first category here, you are making a mistake in the bedroom. First of all, you will feel better for both of you if you move. It will help you control your own pleasure and make it less predictable and thus better. It is also disabled for most boys to have a woman just lying there, not to make any sounds and not even to answer. It’s not very different to have sex with a sex doll or just to play.

Men enjoy a woman’s pleasure and, if she doesn’t move, tells her she’s not doing something right. So how could he ever know what was wrong?

# 7 False orgasm. You’ve probably read tips on how or when to fake an orgasm. Here is the definitive answer regarding the time of performance: Never! There is no reason to falsify it. You will deprive yourself of future pleasure by making him believe that whatever he has done is what takes you away.

Not all women can orgasm every time, but that doesn’t mean they can’t continue to enjoy sex and sex before without climax. If you can’t come, reassure him that you were still happy and that there was nothing he did or didn’t do. Unless he was, in this case, see Article # 1.

# 8 Giving too much. Unfortunately, many men are lovers of selfishness, which is not very important to a woman’s pleasure. You should never accept a selfish lover. If he doesn’t, then you shouldn’t be either. You can try to change it, but if you do not start gaining weight during sex in about a week, then it is a lost cause. Get rid of him for the sake of your sex life. You can find someone better.

# 9 Selfish love. As I mentioned, men are sometimes selfish lovers. But women are not immune to this either. You must never be selfish in bed. If he does his part for your pleasure, then you need to make sure that you keep the end of the negotiation. If you offer them to both amateurs, your sex life will be in a much better shape.

# 10 Silent treatment. Different women have different volume settings in bed. Some are loud, some quiet. What you shouldn’t be is dumb. Men need to hear at least some moans to know that they like a woman. Of course, if you do not like it, you should let him know, but if he hit all the right points, you need to understand him with his breath, moaning and if you feel comfortable, your words.

# 11 Keeping it in the dark. Whether it is due to their body or just because they think it should be done, many women will only have sex in the dark. Almost all men are visual and it is important for them to see a woman’s hair, face and body while making love.

You don’t have to keep all the lights on, but they should be bright enough that you can recognize each other. A candle, a night light or a light in another room with a slightly dark door will do the trick. As a bonus, it will be less messy when you can actually see what you are doing. You wouldn’t want him to accidentally stick it where it shouldn’t, right ??

Men are quite easily satisfied, but certain mistakes women make can get him out of his mood faster than pouring a bucket of ice water on him. If you work hard to please him, he will do the same for you. And by avoiding these mistakes in the bedroom, you can begin to make progress in your sex life!

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